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Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys

When looking for a Utah Bankruptcy attorney you want an attorney that is familiar with bankruptcy laws.  This may make a huge difference in the outcome of your bankruptcy.  An attorney who is unfamiliar with bankruptcy practice can make the process more difficult and may also put your assets at risk.

At Beehive Advocates our Attorneys are experienced in handling a broad variety of bankruptcy matters, including representing consumer debtors in Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, and related adversary proceedings. Because bankruptcy is a specialized and complex area of law our attorneys and staff take the time to fully understand your financial situation, issues, and goals. Our team brings the knowledge and experience that you need to file a Bankruptcy in Utah, we are truly able to serve our clients’ best interests. For example, debt settlement may be an alternative to clearing up your credit card debt instead of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

At Beehive Advocates, our lawyers have outstanding knowledge and experience with Bankruptcy law.  Perhaps more importantly, we truly care about you.  Our attorneys chose to focus exclusively on Consumer Law / Bankruptcy Law matters because we have a passion for helping our clients through the complicated, often daunting, process of filing Bankruptcy in Utah.  We want to help you become debt free and achieve a fresh start!

In order to ensure your Utah bankruptcy case is completed as smoothly as possible our staff and attorneys know the bankruptcy trustees.  Our attorneys are familiar with the local rules and with any additional requirements, the trustee may have.

When most clients encounter the term Bankruptcy, they immediately associate it with the concept loss – loss of homes, personal property, and vehicles. On the contrary, most of our bankruptcy clients file for bankruptcy because we fight to keep their homes and personal belongings. Our highest priority is to serve your best interests and assist you in implementing a complete, cost-effective legal solution, so give us a call to set up a free consultation and allow us to alleviate your fears of bankruptcy.

We take the time to educate our clients about how bankruptcy can help them obtain a fresh start. Through our multi-step approach, we can evaluate your financial situation and help you take the necessary steps to complete the bankruptcy process.

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