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Another Option for Debt Relief

When you are dealing with overwhelming debt, your options may seem limited and out of your control. Unable to pay your mortgage, high-interest credit card bills, medical bills and other expenses can leave you struggling to find an answer. Regardless of what hardships you are dealing with, there are options for debt relief. As an alternative to bankruptcy, seeking a debt settlement is another option you could pursue. Let us help you overcome these hardships and get a fresh start to your financial future.

At the law firm Beehive Advocates, our talented lawyers are dedicated to helping clients obtain debt relief and seek alternatives to bankruptcy. Located in Salt Lake City, we consider what is in the best interest of our clients and customize our services to meet their long-term goals. Client involvement is very important to us, and the decisions you make now will impact your life in many ways. With our assistance, you will be able to make educated decisions that can help regain financial freedom. We understand bankruptcy is not right for everyone and we can help you determine a debt settlement option that is right for you.

We Can Help Establish Beneficial Debt Settlements

Beehive Advocates will negotiate with your creditors to establish a debt settlement agreement that may enable you to pay a mere fraction of your debt. Obtaining a debt settlement agreement may be an option for those debtors who also have a steady income. Beehive Advocates will counsel you on your options for debt relief.

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